Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunflower Style Trailer Now a Wino Drum Trailer!

This trailer gets used to haul around drums by noneother than Derek Hansen the drummer for WinoVino (www.winovino.com).
This trailer is like the one I made for the Sunflower co-op (http://www.facebook.com/sunflower.coop) in June. I liked the style so I made another one with the slight variations that I described in a previous post. Its especially good for carrying plastic storage containers, as pictured above. With a little modification (adding some type of floor), it could also be used to carry things like drumsets, cellos, guitars, amps...

The cargo area is about 2' by 5' (feet).
It weighs about 25 lbs.

The frame is 90% made from electrical conduit, so it's kind of soft. If you go and drop it off of the 2nd floor or wail on it with a hammer, it will definitely bend, but for normal bike trailer purposes it will be fine. I make it out of conduit because it's inexpensive, readily available in 10 foot sections at home depot and I have a conduit bender already, therefore I can offer the trailer for a reasonable price. I know the Austin bike crowd. They don't want to spend hundreds and hundreds on a bike trailer. Seems like all the commercially available trailers nowadays cost $300 or more. That or they come from walmart.

The other 10% of the trailer is 1 inch square steel 14 gauge tubing. This is what serves as the frame member connecting the "dropouts" for the wheels. These dropouts are pieces of 1/4" steel with 14mm holes drilled in them for the axles.

The wheels are Wheelmaster 20x 1.75, alloy, 14mm axle, 48 spokes. I use them as stub axle wheels--the large diameter axle makes this possible.
This trailer uses the same type of tire, tube and hitch as the square style trailer seen below.

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